Biosecurity of agricultural product through speciation of pesticides: Ayaş tomato

Sifatullah, KM
Speciation of chlorinated pesticides in soil-water-tomato plant is researched in connection with food security. For this purpose 16 soil, 16 tomato and 4 irrigation water samples were collected from selected two fields in Ayaş, Ankara, Turkey and analyzed with GC-MS system. Soil and tomato samples were extracted by using ultrasonic bath. On the other hand, water samples were extracted by using solid phase extraction. The extraction recoveries were determined as %64.88, %42.03, and %53.36 for tomato, water, and soil respectively. The concentration ranges of pesticides in soil, water and tomato samples are 3.799-219.1µg/kg, 0.1877-8.005µg/L and 8.302-23.03 µg/kg respectively. According to quality control/ quality assurance (QC/QA) studies, % error values are changing between % 5.90-55.6 and calibration curves has good linearity (R2= 0.99). LOD values are 0.370-25.7 µg/kg for soil 0.680-23.7 µg/kg for water and 0.840-94.6 µg/kg for tomato. The order of pesticide contamination is like soil>water>tomato except Endrin aldehyde. For the comparison of the average pesticide concentrations with literature data, ANOVA analysis was utilized and according to results, Turkey is in middle of the countries in pollution level. According to MRL values, water used for irrigation is slightly contaminated with chlorinated pesticides. The investigation of pesticide transition from soil to water reveals that the highest % transfer ratio for pp-DDT (%69) and lowest ratio is for Endrine aldehyde (%37). For soil to tomato transfer the values are % 42 (alpha-HCH) and %38(Endrine aldehyde). It was observed that from red and green tomato samples, the longer the tomato stayed in field (red tomato) the more pesticides are seen on tomato. The found concentrations will be a database for chlorinated pesticide pollution level in Ayaş-Turkey.
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K. Sifatullah, “Biosecurity of agricultural product through speciation of pesticides: Ayaş tomato,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.