Development of interior ballistic simulation software

Danış, Faik
In this study, an interior ballistic simulation program is constructed for solid propellant conventional guns. In accordance with this purpose, interior ballistic calculations are studied numerically and two numerical models are produced: zero dimensional model and one dimensional model. Zero dimensional model, which is based on lumped parameter approach, examines variation of ballistic parameters with ignition of propellant grains in order to find muzzle velocity. In one dimensional code, the problem is modeled as one dimensionally as inviscid flow and Roe approximate Riemann solver is used as solution technique. Both of the models can simulate real gas flow by introducing covolume based on Noble-Abel equation of state. The differences between numerical models are examined.
Citation Formats
F. Danış, “Development of interior ballistic simulation software,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.