The Hierarchical structure among female prisoners: the case of karılar koğuşu by Kemal Tahir

Turgut Ecevit, Aylin
This thesis tries to put forward the underlying factors of the hierarchical position of woman prisoners within the novel of Karılar Koğuşu written by Kemal Tahir through his lived experiences in Malatya Prison during the first half of 1940s. This study is based on literary critical analysis of the book by means of reflexive, interpretive, standpoint approaches of postmodern anthropology, and literary criticism of literary anthropology. In order to reveal the factors that affect the hierarchical structure among prisoners, a very detailed interpretation of the narration in the book is made through the method of thick description. As Karılar Koğuşu is handled as an ethnographical factual fiction due to several reasons, this study becomes ethnography of ethnography. On the basis of the author’s social scientist feature and the anthropological characteristics of the narration, considering the historical and sociological background of the time being narrated, it is presented that there is a hierarchical structure among female prisoners, and this structure is affected by the prison’s internal settings as well as common factors such as economic status and political power. Although the primary outcome of the study is about the hierarchy between woman prisoners due to the research question, also unexpected results are obtained through this study. Owing to gender bias and ethnic/religious stratification narrations within the book, hierarchical positioning among the prisoners dependent on these factors is also acquired and revealed.


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A. Turgut Ecevit, “The Hierarchical structure among female prisoners: the case of karılar koğuşu by Kemal Tahir,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.