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Hydrogeological characterization and investigation of the Çeltikçi coal basin in Central Anatolia /

Kahraman, Cansu
Coal exploration activities continue in the vicinity of Çeltikçi town located at 20 km southeast of Kızılcahamam district in Ankara province. The purpose of this study is conduct hydrogeological characterization and investigation of the watershed of Çeltikçi coal basin. In order to accomplish this purpose (1) existing data related to study area were compiled and reviewed; (2) monthly instantaneous flow measurements were conducted to evaluate runoff and surface water flow potential in the study area, (3) exploration wells and pump wells were opened and aquifer tests and groundwater level measurements were conducted at these wells, (4) field quality parameters were measured from all monitoring points and water sampling were conducted from these monitoring wells for detailed laboratory analysis, and (5) water bearing units and relation between them were identified, spatial distribution of aquifer hydraulic parameters, spatial and temporal variation of water levels, spatial and temporal variation of water quality, boundary conditions and conceptual groundwater budget were analyzed. The results of this study present the groundwater problems which can be encountered in future mining operations planned in the field.