Hydrogeological characterization of the northern part of the Kışladağ gold mine area

Fırat, Egemen
The purpose of this study is to characterize the hydrogeological conditions at the northern part of the Kışladağ Gold Mine located in Uşak Province in the West of Turkey. Because of the planned mining activities in the area, it is essential to characterize the system in order to assess the impacts of mining operations on surface and groundwater systems. The characterization studies included the hydrological, hydrogeological, and hydrochemical analysis of surface and groundwater. Hereby, the relevant measurements from the meteorological stations are taken regularly in order to observe the surface water in the area. After the weirs are set up, surface water level changes are observed and the necessary data is obtained from chemical sampling. By using data collected from meteorological stations and weirs, and information about the land cover and the land use, the hydrological water budget is calculated. Within the scope of groundwater observation studies, some of the existing exploration wells are converted to observation wells, and new wells are drilled in specific places for hydrogeological observation purposes with the aim to observe the desired formations and samples from the wells. By using the drilled observation wells in the area, changes in groundwater levels are observed in the formations, while aquifer parameters of the units are determined by applying aquifer tests in the wells. In addition, hydrological sections are drawn with the help of the well information, and any possible correlations between the hydro-lithological units are determined. Groundwater, surface water, springs and fountains of the area are classified with respect to hydrological behavior by using the parameters obtained from sampling, and further water facies are identified.
Citation Formats
E. Fırat, “Hydrogeological characterization of the northern part of the Kışladağ gold mine area,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.