Visual structures for generative design search spaces /

Abbas, Günsu Merin
With the adoption of computational strategies in design, the act of design, the process of problem solving, and the interaction, understanding and the representation of design artefacts has changed. With generative design methods, the understanding of design as artefact gives way to design as process. Generative methods entail multiple design solutions, which enlarge the design search space due to the large number of possible design solutions. Regarding the automated design generation process, the interaction of the designer through the design process has been decreased. Hereby, there appears a need for the amplification of designerly actions during the design process to assist designers in the exploration of complex design search spaces. This thesis investigates the use of generative methods in design, and proposes visual structures as a visual complexity management tool for complex design search spaces. Such visual structures have the potential to amplify the interaction between the design search spaces and the designers.
Citation Formats
G. M. Abbas, “Visual structures for generative design search spaces /,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2014.