Agilitymod: a software agility reference model for agility assessment

Özcan Top, Özden
Agile software development methodologies have gained significant interest in IT community proposing solutions to problems of traditional, plan-driven software development approaches. However, not every organization that tries to adopt agile methods succeeds, that is mostly because practitioners misinterpret the agile values, principles or practices during the adoption and transformation or see a single agile method as a complete solution to all problems. There is a gap in the field to assist software organizations in assessing their agility levels and introducing roadmaps in adopting agile principles/practices. In this thesis study we propose a Software Agility Assessment Reference Model that will be used for assessing organizations’ position in agility and indicating the gaps that prevents fully obtaining the benefits of agile software development and providing roadmaps to roadmaps to organizations in adopting agile principles/practices. The model is based on the meta-model structure of ISO/IEC 15504-Process Assessment Standard to create a common basis for performing assessments of agility and present the assessment results using a common rating scale. We performed exploratory case studies and obtained the opinions of the experts to improve the Model. Validation of the proposed model is achieved through one of the qualitative research methods, case studies. We performed a multiple case study including six cases for validation.
Citation Formats
Ö. Özcan Top, “Agilitymod: a software agility reference model for agility assessment,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.