Turbulent combustion modelling with a fully coupled fully implicit solver

Öztürkmen, Musa Onur
This work is the study of tracking control of rigid body in a general way using a geometric approach. To achieve globally valid characteristics, it is necessary to study such a control problem in its own natural nonlinear space using differential geometric properties of the space. By linking the tracking control problem to the problem of stabilization of a single equilibrium of an error dynamics, a tracking controller in the general case of a compact Lie groups has been developed. Then, using Lassale invariance theorem convergence to one of the equilibrium points of error dynamics has been established. Behavior of the system around its equilibrium points is studied by linearizing the system, which proved the almost-global attractiveness of the desired equilibrium. The general control problem studied, in its special case of space of rotation matrices is applied to attitude control of a Quadrotor UAV. Performance of the controller is demonstrated through numerical simulations.
Citation Formats
M. O. Öztürkmen, “Turbulent combustion modelling with a fully coupled fully implicit solver,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.