Multilingual dynamic linking of web resources

Dönmez, Uğur
The World Wide Web is successful for locating, browsing and publishing information by its scalable architecture. However, the Web suffers from some limitations. For example, links on the Web are embedded in documents. Links are only unidirectional, ownership is required to place an anchor in documents, and authoring links is an expensive process. The embedded link structure of the Web can be improved by Semantic Web. By using Semantic Web components, existing Web resources can be enriched with additional external links. COHSE is a project that aims to solve this problem. Although COHSE is successful in dynamic linking, it is monolingual. In our work, we aim to solve this problem. MOHSE is a project that dynamically link Web resources in different languages. In order to achieve our goal, firstly, we researched multilingual controlled vocabularies, their representation, and their use in dynamic linking. Secondly, we investigated existing multilingual controlled vocabularies. Thirdly, we extended COHSE infrastructure to support multilingualism. Finally, we performed experiments with this extended infrastructure. Outcomes show that MOHSE is useful and increases user's Web performance. This thesis contributes to multilingualism on the Web. MOHSE is the prior work that supports multilingual dynamic linking.
Citation Formats
U. Dönmez, “Multilingual dynamic linking of web resources,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.