Discursive construction and linguistic representations of gender in political discourses: a critical discourse analysis of governmental public adresses in Turkey /

Erdoğan, Yasemin
The production, discursive reproduction, perpetuation of gender in social and cultural practices/discourses and its complex interrelation with power and ideology are the main concerns of gender research in linguistics. The political discourses constitute the most solid intersections where power, ideology and gender policies mutually interact. Therefore, this study focuses on investigating the discursive construction and linguistic representations of gender in political discourses at governmental level in Turkey with a particular emphasis on the gender discriminatory politics of government with respect to women’s rights over their bodies. The critical approach adopted in the study basically follows a three-dimensional paradigm of analysis which are (i) the analysis of discursive practices at a macro level focusing upon the notion of interdiscursivity, (ii) analysis of role allocations of social actors in discourses (ii) and a feminist socio-political interpretation of the discourses. The study suggests that political discourses of the government in Turkey support discriminatory practices against women via linguistic, discursive and political strategies. It further proposes that a persistent state control over women’s bodies are ensured as a result of the alliance of conservatism and neoliberalism. Women in governmental political discourses are mainly considered as the biological reproducers of the family, the nation, the labour force and the neoliberal economy.