Influence of nanoparticle shape on colloidal plasmonic interface properties

Sarıgül, Elif
Nanoparticles bearing free charges, interact very strongly with incoming electromagnetic radiation at certain frequencies called the plasmon resonance frequencies, depending on the size, shape and material properties of the particle and the medium. In order to enhance the light scattering by a two dimensional network of such plasmonic nanoparticles several strategies can be followed. In this thesis, it was pursued the fabrication and characterization of the nanoparticle decorated surfaces by colloidal solution based technique as a self-organized random production method. Optical and spectral electrical properties of plasmonic interfaces were investigated for nanosphere, nanowire and nanobipyramid particles to find out the most efficient geometry. It was also discussed the feasibility of the application of metal nanoparticles to solar cell devices.
Citation Formats
E. Sarıgül, “Influence of nanoparticle shape on colloidal plasmonic interface properties,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.