Acoustical improvement of typical sport halls for multi-purpose use

Ulusoy, Gökçe
In recent years, in addition to the education and sport activities of sport halls, they began to be commonly used for several musical and speech activities, since those structures are available to serve large crowds of people. Most sport halls in Turkey are built as typical projects without considering their potential of use and activity-related acoustical features. The study was conducted on sport halls, the typical projects designed for the Ministry of Education (Code: MEB 2004.63), with the audience capacity of 70 people. Their acoustical performances are examined by the use of 3-D computer modelling and acoustical simulation methods with the software “ODEON combined 8.5”. The examinations were based on the Global Reverberation Time (GRT) at low (125-250Hz), mid (500-1000Hz) and high frequency (2000-4000Hz) ranges and grid responses analyses. The acoustical parameters used for the grid response analyses were EDT, STI, SPL(A), T30 and C80 with an emphasis on the values at mid-frequency band (500-1000Hz) and their cumulative distribution. The results have shown that acoustical features of the project are inadequate for education and sport activities, and multi-purpose use. Among the ceiling treatments proposed, baffle suspended ceiling proposals are observed to be the most efficient intervention in terms of acoustical improvement of the hall and material economy. The permanent interventions recommended are: “the use of baffle panelled suspended ceiling” made of 10-cm-thick rock wool panels with 60cm intervals and “the use of sound absorbing perforated metal sheet” covering the parapets between the playfield and the tribune. For the multi purpose use of the sport hall, it is recommended to use sound absorbing curtain modules in front of tribune’s rear wall, side walls, front walls and at the openings between the service and sports areas. The budget needed for a satisfactory remedial work was estimated to vary in the range of 4.5% and 6.9% of the overall construction cost. The results also pointed out the key concerns of the acoustical design particular to the sport halls.


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G. Ulusoy, “Acoustical improvement of typical sport halls for multi-purpose use,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2014.