Annealing of cold rolled and swaged AZ31 magnesium alloy /

Tunca, Bensu
Magnesium alloys are extensively used in electronics, automotive and aerospace industries due to their low densities and high specific strengths; however limited deformability of magnesium alloys at room temperature restricts the applications. Grain refinement as a result of recrystallization can be used to enhance the deformability of these alloys. In this dissertation, recrystallization behavior of cold rolled and swaged AZ31 alloy is investigated at different temperatures in the range of 100°C - 300°C. Effects of unidirectional and complex deformation modes on recrystallization behavior and microstructure development were studied. Microstructural analyses consisted of the examination of the grain structure and twinned regions by using optical and scanning electron microscopes. The volume fraction of recrystallized grains is determined by quantitative analysis methods and supported by the micro hardness measurements. X-Ray Diffraction method is used for texture analysis.
Citation Formats
B. Tunca, “Annealing of cold rolled and swaged AZ31 magnesium alloy /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.