Extraction of nickel and cobalt from lateritic ores by nitric acid /

Saka, Onur
This thesis study is related to the extraction kinetics of nickel and cobalt from lateritic nickel ores from Gördes/Manisa region of Turkey. The experimental studies involved the optimization of nitric acid leaching of nickel laterite ores at atmospheric pressure for high nickel and cobalt extraction. The main parameters optimized after the characterization of laterites were the nitric acid concentration, leaching temperature, duration of leaching and the particle size of the ore sample. The atmospheric leaching experiments were conducted on the 70% limonitic 30% nontronitic ore mixture obtained from the Gördes open pit mine. Considering the similar studies from literature and highest nickel and cobalt extraction into account, the process parameters optimized as; leaching at 104°C with 378 g/L nitric acid concentration, 48 hours of experiment duration, -600 µm particle size using S/L ratio of 1/5 wt/vol. 95.4% nickel and 96.6% cobalt were extracted at the given leaching conditions. Atmospheric leaching produced a contaminated pregnant leach solution (PLS) due to high iron and aluminum contents. A stock of PLS was produced for the selective precipitation for the impurities. Iron, aluminum and chromium which are the main impurity elements were almost completely removed from leach liquor with low nickel and cobalt losses.


Solvent extraction of scandium from pregnant leach solution of nickel laterites
Ferizoğlu, Ece; Gürbüz, Rıza; Topkaya, Yavuz Ali; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2017)
The aim of this thesis study is the extraction and recovery of scandium from lateritic nickel-cobalt ores by using the solvent extraction method. In this study, different organic and scrubbing reagents were investigated in order to find the most suitable organic extractant for the extraction of scandium with low impurity co-extraction and scrubbing reagent to remove the extracted impurities from the loaded organic phase. In the first part, different organic reagents that are DEHPA, Cyanex 272, Cyanex 923, I...
Extraction of nickel from lateritic ores at atmospheric pressure with agitation leaching
Buyukakinci, E.; Topkaya, Yavuz Ali (2009-06-01)
Nontronitic and limonitic type laterites from "Gordes" nickel deposit located in Western Turkey were subjected to sulfuric acid leaching at atmospheric pressure. Experiments were conducted in order to determine the optimum conditions for agitation leaching by studying various parameters, including time, acid concentration, leaching temperature and particle size. Agitation leach experiments showed that nickel and cobalt could be extracted from both ores. Nickel and cobalt extractions were 96.0% and 63.4% for...
High pressure acid leaching of a refractory lateritic nickel ore
MUTLU KAYA, SEVCAN; Topkaya, Yavuz Ali (2011-09-01)
This paper describes the experimental findings of the extraction of nickel and cobalt by high pressure acid leaching (HPAL) of a refractory limonitic nickel laterite ore from the Gordes region of Manisa in Turkey. By optimizing the basic HPAL process parameters: leaching at 255 degrees C with 0.30 sulfuric acid to ore weight ratio with a particle size of 100%-850 mu for 1 h of leaching, it was found that 87.3% of nickel and 88.8% of cobalt present in the ore could be extracted into the pregnant leach soluti...
Extraction of nickel from lateritic ores
Büyükakıncı, Ergin; Topkaya, Yavuz Ali; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2008)
The aim of this study was to extract nickel and cobalt from the lateritic nickel ores of Gördes region by hydrometallurgical methods under the optimum conditions. Limonitic and nontronitic types of Gördes lateritic nickel ores were used during experiments. Agitative and column leaching experiments at atmospheric pressure were conducted with various parameters; these were duration, temperature and initial sulfuric acid concentration of leach solution. It was shown that in agitative leaching, under the optimu...
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O. Saka, “Extraction of nickel and cobalt from lateritic ores by nitric acid /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.