Aerodynamic analysis of flatback airfoils using vortex particle method

Haser, Senem Ayşe
In this thesis, aerodynamic analysis of flatback airfoils, which have been proposed and investigated to improve the aerodynamic performance of thick airfoils, is studied. Vortex particle method, which is commonly used for simulation of two dimensional, incompressible, viscous flows, is used for this purpose. In the content of this thesis, vortex particle method code developed by Kaya [1] is improved by changing method of diffusion and method of vorticity releasing from solid boundary. Deterministic Particle Strength Exchange (PSE) method is implemented to solve diffusion equation. In addition, instead of vortex particle releasing algorithm, vorticity releasing algorithm, which is more suitable for PSE method, is implemented. The method and algorithm are explained in detail and results of analysis are presented. The validation and applicability of the improved code is illustrated by solving flow past a flat plate, a circular cylinder and a square cylinder. After that, flow around FB3500 series flatback airfoils at Reynolds number of 1000 are simulated by using the improved vortex particle method code. In order to compare results, laminar and unsteady Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses are performed.
Citation Formats
S. A. Haser, “Aerodynamic analysis of flatback airfoils using vortex particle method,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.