The Effect of DC link filter design and compensation on dynamic performance of vector controlled drive /

Kayhan, Murat
This study has three objectives. The first is to identify parameters that affect the dynamic performance of a vector controlled motor drive. The second is to investigate compensation methods to eliminate effect of DC link voltage variation on drive performance. The last is to identify a DC link design method so that dynamic performance of vector controlled drive can be improved.


The Cyprus question: continuity, transformation and tendencies
Tüzünkan, Murat; Türkeş, Mustafa; Department of International Relations (2007)
This study has three main objectives. First, it provides a theoretical framework that challenges the mainstream approaches to allow for a new reading of the Cyprus Question. Second, it identifies continuities, transformations and tendencies within different historical periods by analyzing the positions of the various actors and the international conjecture in order to offer a correct reading of all previous settlement proposals and indicate the basis on which perceptions and policies were constructed and wh...
The impact of affective constraints on shaping environmental literacy Model testing using mediator and moderator variables
Öztürk, Nilay; Teksöz, Gaye (2016-04-01)
The aims of this study were; first to investigate the mediating effects of pre-service teachers’ (PTs) attitude toward environment on the relationship between their environmental concern and environmental responsibility, and second, to explore the moderating effect of gender on the relationships between; PTs’ environmental concern and responsibility; and environmental attitude and responsibility. A total of 1626 PTs completed the Environmental Literacy Survey. The findings revealed that PTs’ attitude had a ...
The effect of project-based learning on 7th grade students’ knowledge acquisition in, attitude towards and active learning strategies in and learning value of geometry with differing cognitive style
Aydınyer, Yurdagül; Ubuz, Behiye; Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (2010)
The aim of this study was twofold: (a) to investigate whether seventh grade students’ conditional and procedural knowledge acquisition in, attitude towards, active learning strategies in, and learning value of geometry improve differentially for students having different cognitive styles in project-based learning and (b) to examine how project-based learning affects them. Participants were 97 seventh-grade students in a private school in Ankara. The students were classified into three groups: Field dependen...
Kinematic analysis of a slider crank mechanism via a pre–calibrated vision system developed by using two commercial cameras
Eralp, Mehmet Hilmi; Soylu, Reşit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2014)
There are two main objectives of this study. The first objective is to develop a vision system consisting of 2 inexpensive commercial cameras. In general, by self – calibration methods reconstruction of a scene by using uncalibrated images is performed up to a scale only. However, in this thesis reconstruction of a scene is to be performed such that one obtains the actual values of the distances in the scene. For this purpose, it is assumed that the extrinsic parameters of the cameras are known. Therefore, ...
Basaran, Seren; SARI UZUN, MELTEM (2009-07-24)
The aim of this study is twofold; to determine effective factors in students' views about proof and to confirm proposed structural model including interrelationships of these factors and proof performance. This study not only helps instructors to gain useful insights on students' views about proof but also provides evidence on how to foster students' proof performance with respect to the identified factors.
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M. Kayhan, “The Effect of DC link filter design and compensation on dynamic performance of vector controlled drive /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.