Numerical burnback analysis of three dimensional solid propellant grains

Ata, Yusuf
This study consists of developing of a three-dimensional grain burnback simulation with minimum distance method using STL (Standard Template Library) geometry output for accurate and efficient grain burnback analysis and internal ballistic solver for simulation and also prediction of solid rocket motor performance. In this work the, the new burnback simulation tool named F3DBT (Fast 3 Dimensional Burnback Tool) developed at the Propulsion System Design Department of Roketsan Missiles Industries Inc. and developed ballistic solver based on a steady quasi-zero dimensional model of the internal flow field conditions of solid rocket motors are presented. The main aim of the newly developed burnback simulation is to perform regression of all kind of grain geometries in short run time with more accurate results relative to other 3D burnback simulation tools. Moreover internal ballistic solver is developed in order to obtain burning area of propellant grain by using static firing data. The burnback analysis is compared with reference SRMs (Solid Rocket Motor) in terms of burning area. Finally the results obtained from static firings of the motor and obtained from numerical study are presented and discussed.
Citation Formats
Y. Ata, “Numerical burnback analysis of three dimensional solid propellant grains,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.