Assessment of sound transmission characteristics of traditional timber framed dwellings in Ankara, Turkey

Erdil, Meltem
Sound transmission characteristics of traditional timber dwellings in Turkey have become a serious issue due to the increase in complaints of residents about noise problems in those structures. There is a necessity to examine sound transmission problems in these dwellings with an emphasis on configuration of their timber frame components. Such a study is needed to suggest proper repair solutions to eliminate the existing sound transmission problems while keeping authentic features of those traditional structures. Three traditional timber framed dwellings in Ankara, original one and repaired ones, were examined in terms of impact and airborne sound transmission characteristics of their floor and wall components by in-situ measurements and simulation analyses. Sound absorption and transmission loss characteristics of laboratory mudbrick samples were determined by using the impedance tube. Some supportive laboratory tests were conducted to characterize material properties of the original mudbrick samples collected from traditional houses. The sound insulation performances of timber framed wall and floor components under examination, both repaired and non-repaired ones, were below the acceptable values. The presence of door/window openings, air leakages and poor detailing such as direct fixing of any cladding layers to the structural elements, are the main reasons that reduce the overall sound insulation performance of the original wall and floor components. Presence of voids for the running of pipework or door/ window openings existed in the composition of timber framed wall and floor components was found to reduce their sound insulation performances in the range of 12-22dB. Air/sound leakages through the openings should be sealed properly and the openings need to be replaced with the solid/insulated door or insulated window components in order to provide the required Rw and Lnw values for dwellings. In case that the dwelling units/spaces are used as exhibition, meeting, office or hotel rooms, some acoustical improvements in existing wall and floor components can be provided by demountable attachments with sound insulation infill and sound breaks. The 50mm-thick and 100mm-thick mudbrick samples were determined to have STC values of 28dB±2 dB and 35dB±2 dB, respectively. The sound absorption coefficient at mid frequencies and NRC of one representative mudbrick sample were determined to be 0.31 and 0.23, respectively. The performance of several wall/floor configurations suggested in the study was summarized to be guiding particularly for the improvement of airborne and impact sound insulation of traditional timber frame wall and floor sections and their repairs.


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M. Erdil, “Assessment of sound transmission characteristics of traditional timber framed dwellings in Ankara, Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.