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The Effects of doxorubicin containing poly (sebacic anhydride) nanocapsules on glutathione s-transferase activity

Çokça, Ceren
Nanocapsules are used as drug delivery system commonly. Poly (sebacic anhydride) is a good candidate for the nanocapsule preparation since they are ideal for controlled release application with respect to biocompatibility, low cost, and the approval by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The overactivity of glutathione S-transferase is generally related with the resistance of chemotherapy and this problem can be overcome through drug delivery systems. In this study, poly (sebacic anhydride) - poly (ethylene glycol) copolymer with the molecular weight of 5202 g/mol was synthesized successfully. In addition, doxorubicin loaded nanocapsules form this copolymer were prepared properly and the size of these nanocapsules were 200 nm approximately. The loading efficiency of these nanocapsules is 71.9%. The realese study indicated that these nanocapsules follows sustain drug release profile. Moreover, the effect of these nanocapsules on glutathione S-tranferase activity was examined and almost 60% inhibiton on the ezyme activity was observed.