Use of large multi touch interfaces: a research on usability and design aspects

Dönmez, Mehmet
This study explores the design considerations and usability factors of using large multi touch interfaces. During this study, an experimental approach incorporating a large multi touch interfaces environment was used. After the expert analysis and pilot test session, there were end user usability test sessions. During the data collection from both expert and non-expert users, there were interview sessions. After collecting data, two different analysis methods were used, namely, analysis for eye movement data of users and analysis for interviews. After organizing and describing the data, this study revealed that users were generally focusing at the center of the screen while using the large multi touch display. In addition, the most common gestures were Tap gesture and Drag gesture which are single touch input gestures. Besides, it was easy to adapt the system by recalling the previous experiences from mobile devices, and to manage the area and interact with two hands thanks to display size. Furthermore, users were satisfied about using the large multi touch display system.
Citation Formats
M. Dönmez, “Use of large multi touch interfaces: a research on usability and design aspects,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.