Mephisto: a source to source transpiler from pure data to Faust

Demir, Abdullah Onur
PD and Max/MSP softwares are widely used for procedural sound design for games. However, the software cannot be easily integrated with games. On the other hand, various optimized synthesizes can be developed using low level languages by Faust. Transporting models and applying the same algorithms from PD to Faust is really a burden to procedural sound designers. The aim of this thesis is to write a source to source transpiler which transpiles PD source to Faust source. After created, the transpiler is assessed by speed and stability tests. Finally, pros and cons of the transpiler are assessed.
Citation Formats
A. O. Demir, “Mephisto: a source to source transpiler from pure data to Faust,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.