A Study on governance arrangements focusing on urban diversity: the case of Beyoglu – İstanbul

Yersen, Özge
Socio-economic, cultural, ethnic and socio-demographic diversity in contemporary cities has been one of the most featured topics in urban policy and planning, since the impacts of globalization, growing internal and international migration dynamics, and neoliberal policies have changed the traditional definition of diversity based on ethnicity, and introduced new forms of diversity with respect to new identities, lifestyles, values and activities. Within the neoliberal period characterized by state rescaling, decreasing role and responsibilities of the state in various fields, including the empowerment of disadvantaged groups and the representation of diverse identities, has been highly questioned. Besides, increasing social exclusion, socio-spatial segregation and inequalities in cities have revealed the importance of the governance of urban diversity. This study analyzes the approaches, policies and planning practices towards urban diversity in existing governance structure in Turkey, and presents the inefficiencies of the central and local governments in governing urban diversity. Based on a case study conducted in Istanbul-Beyoğlu, the study investigates how different governance arrangements perceive urban diversity, which factors influence their success and/or failure in dealing with diversity, and how they engage in diversity through their activities. This research indicates that contemporary urban policies and planning in Turkey are yet incapable of promoting urban diversity and benefiting from its advantages. Based on this outcome, the study suggests that in collaboration with different governance actors, the central and local governments in Turkey need to reconstruct the existing governance mechanism, and redefine their planning principles to support and sustain urban diversity.
Citation Formats
Ö. Yersen, “A Study on governance arrangements focusing on urban diversity: the case of Beyoglu – İstanbul,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.