Design and analysis of antennas mounted on cylinders for avionics applications

Özcan, Mustafa
Conformal antenna structures are widely used in airframes because of not disturbing the aerodynamic characteristics. In this study, stripline fed conformal slot antennas of rectangular and rounded bow-tie shaped geometries, and coplanar patch antennas are designed to comply with the design requirements of a telemetry application in the frequency band of 2225-2275 MHz. Furthermore, parametric studies are carried out for some crucial design parameters in order to understand the relation between the antenna physical dimensions and electromagnetic behavior such as S11, bandwidth and far-field patterns. All designed antennas are fabricated and measured to validate the simulation results. Although there are some problems occurred during fabrication process, measurement and simulation results agree well with each other. It is demonstrated that operating bandwidth of developed rounded bow-tie shaped slot antenna is 2225-2275 MHz.


Design and analysis of radar antenna structure with optimum dynamic behavior
Sun, Enver; Özgen, Gökhan Osman; Yaman, Yavuz; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2016)
With the advance of technology the radar antenna structures are being smaller and their design alternatives are quite numerous that they can be produced in different shapes and can be conformed to original structures such as body panel of an aircraft or car which are composed of light weight thin shell structures. Radar antennas as an integral part of the air or ground vehicles are subjected to various dynamic loadings which effects its overall radiation pattern which results overall degradation of antenna ...
Design and Analysis of a Cylindrical Array of Stripline Fed Slot Antennas For On-Board Telemetry Applications
Ozcan, Mustafa; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem (2016-07-01)
In this study, cylindrical array of stripline fed rounded bow-tie slot antennas is designed to be used for avionics applications. The array element is fed by a T shaped strip line. Shape of the slot is modified from rectangular to rounded bow-tie to provide sufficient bandwidth for telemetry application. Furthermore, vias are placed around slots to prevent unwanted parallel plate modes of stripline structure. It is observed that, location of vias is critical in the design of the antenna. Thus, parametric st...
Optimization of vibration characteristics of a radar antenna structure
Baran, İsmet; Özgen, Gökhan Osman; Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2011)
Radar antenna structures especially array antennas which are integrated onto structures of aerial vehicles are subject to dynamic structural and aerodynamic loads. Due to occurrences of these dynamic loads there will be certain dynamic deformations which affect the antenna’s performance in an adverse manner. The influence of deformations and vibrations are important on array antenna structures, since they cause a change in orientation of elements of the phased array antenna which affects the gain of the ant...
Efficient analysis of large array antennas
Ovalı, Fatih; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004)
Large phased array antennas are widely used in many military and commercial applications. The analysis of large arrays containing many antenna or frequency-selective (FSS) surface elements is inefficient or intractable when brute force numerical methods are used. For the efficient analysis of such structures hybrid methods (analytic and numerical, numerical and numerical) can be used. In this thesis, a hybrid method combining the uniform geometrical theory of diffraction (UTD) and the moment method (MoM) us...
Analysis and design of reactively loaded dual band microstrip antenna
Bayram, Caner; Koç, Seyit Sencer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2015)
This thesis includes the design, production and measurement of a reactively loaded microstrip patch antenna. The dual band and circular polarization operation are achieved through the use of narrow slots etched close to the radiating edges on a nearly square patch. During the design process, the effects of antenna parameters on the input impedance and axial ratio characteristics are investigated. A step-by-step procedure is followed during the design process. First, the dual band characteristic is investiga...
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M. Özcan, “Design and analysis of antennas mounted on cylinders for avionics applications,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.