Amartya Sen’s idea of justice, and its relations with John Rawls and Adam Smith

Dağ, Umut
The aim of this thesis is to examine Amartya Sen s idea of justice and its relation to John Rawls and Adam Smith. Amartya Sen s idea of justice could be seen as a critique of Rawls theory of justice as well as a proposal of a new approach instead. Sen s critique of Rawls theory of justice is basically based on the critique of transcendental institutionalism. Instead Sen offers the realization focused comparison as an alternative for the idea of justice. To explicate this alternative approach Sen introduces Adam Smith s impartial spectator. Sen believes that Adam Smith s impartial spectator plays an essential role in deciding for the standards of justice.


Amartya Sen‘s capability approach and its relation with John Rawls‘ justice as fairness.
Esmer, Songül; Turan, Şeref Halil; Department of Philosophy (2021-3-10)
This thesis aims to examineAmartya Sen‘s capability approach and its relation with John Rawls‘ ―justice as fairness.‖In order to reveal Sen‘s capability approach,John Rawls‘ justice as fairnessis explained asit has a significant influence on Sen‘s capability approach,andSen‘s critiques of justice as fairness and transcendental approach to justice are discussed,aswere thestarting pointsof Sen‘s capability approach.While analyzingthe capability approach, the concept of justice a...
An inquiry on justice : bases, bearers and principles
Kibar, Sibel; Parkan, Barış; Department of Philosophy (2011)
One of the prevalent notions in the late twentieth century‘s political philosophy, justice lies at the heart of ethics, politics and jurisprudence. In this study, while I insist on the dominion of politics and the economic mode of production over morality and law, I consider the ethical realm to be also very important in justifying political movements and transformations. Defining the concept of justice plays a role more or less in the realization of justice on the Earth. I try to reveal the bases of justic...
Anarchism and justice
Aytekin, Feyyaz Meriç; Parkan, Barış; Rittersberger, Helga İda; Department of Philosophy (2021-10)
The aim of this thesis is to clarify the differences between two conceptions of justice: Eternal Justice (Themis) and Social Justice (Dike). In our modern world, justice has always been perceived as a distributive and legislative issue. Unlike social justice, eternal justice is not anthropomorphic but a cosmological phenomenon. In order to develop an understanding of eternal justice, I mainly referred to the works of Arendt and Nietzsche. With the help of their conceptualizations and theories, this thesis o...
A critical assessment of John Rawls’s Theory of Justice as fairness
Eryılmaz, Ene; İnam, Ahmet.; Department of Philosophy (2019)
This dissertation is a critical analysis of John Rawls’s theory of justice in its historical and philosophical context. To that end, his works from A Theory of Justice (1971) to Justice as Fairness: A Restatement (2001) are examined. Not only Rawls’s theory of justice but also his approach to metaphysics and metaethics are also tackled to understand justice as fairness deeply. While setting out Rawls’s main arguments and theses, a critical approach is adopted with his foremost critics. This study thus searc...
Churchland, Nagel, and Their Severe Critique of Folk Psychology
Tümkaya, Serdal (2021-01-01)
In this paper, I attempt to show that Thomas Nagel and Patricia Churchland, two seemingly very different philosophers of mind, in fact resemble each other quite closely in their severe critique of folk psychology. Due to folk psychology's deep inadequacies, both Nagel and Churchland have suggested important revisions to it, which, strikingly, have led both of them to call their positions "revisionist". This paper makes a significant contribution to the philosophy of mind literature, since almost all philoso...
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U. Dağ, “Amartya Sen’s idea of justice, and its relations with John Rawls and Adam Smith,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.