Design of a modular orthopedic implant

Erkan, Onur Mert
Bone fracture due to trauma and bone defects by birth are very common in orthopedics, making their treatment crucial. In this study, a novel design to treat upper arm fractures is introduced and assessed mechanically. The design offers medical doctors longitudinal and angular flexibility when compared to widely used orthopedic plates. Hence the new design covers a variety of fracture types. Earlier conceptual designs are reviewed to demonstrate the progress of design. Mechanical performance of the final design is evaluated using analytic methods, finite element analysis and physical experiments. Assessment was based on a safe axial external load of 15 kgf suggested by the medical doctors and focused on the rigidity problems caused by modularity, along with strength concerns. It is proven in this study that the novel design can fix the fracture successfully, even under the aforementioned external load.
Citation Formats
O. M. Erkan, “Design of a modular orthopedic implant,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.