Developing an external bike rack design for inner-city public busses through an action research process

Özgürlük, Mehmet Erdi
Bicycles have a great potential of mobility and flexibility to be used for transportation besides their recreational and sports activity based purposes. However, they have certain deficiencies through which they need to be supported by other means of transportation in order to enlarge the cycling catchment area. Promoting cycling somehow returns with many benefits such as reducing negative environmental impacts of transportation vehicles with carbon emission, improving health of users together with economic and social benefits. In respect to this, integration of bicycles with public transportation would bring mutual benefits for each mode of transportation. For this reason, an action research study is conducted to develop a transit bike rack system consisting of a two-stage fieldwork held with different stakeholders associated directly with the proposed system. Basing on the findings of the fieldwork, design alternatives for a transit bike rack system are created and analyzed considering the design criteria set throughout the study. Further suggestions are made to improve the system.