An Approach to the synyhesis of novel pyrrole fused heterocycles

Öztürk, Uğur Başak
Pyrrole and pyrrole derivatives are prominent building blocks in organic synthesis due to their biological activities and natural occurrence. For the formation of pyrrole derivatives, electrophilic cyclizations are considered efficient and significant processes. In this thesis, novel N-alkynyl-2-phenyl-substituted pyrrole derivatives were synthesized and electrophilic cyclization reactions of these compounds were investigated. Catalyst such as AuCl3, AuBr3, I2, ICl, FeCl3, InCl3 and Cu(OTf)2 were used for the ring closure studies.
Citation Formats
U. B. Öztürk, “An Approach to the synyhesis of novel pyrrole fused heterocycles,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.