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Self on facebook: a social psychological investigation within uses and gratifications framework

Ercan, Nilüfer
Literature on uses and gratifications of social media focused on relationship and networking oriented gratifications since now. Although identity and certain self-focused gratifications were also emerged as categories in these studies, limitations regarding unclear conceptualizations, inconsistent findings and measurement problems make it hard to draw clear conclusions. Building on a social psychological perspective, current study aimed at 1) differentiating self-focused uses and gratifications and 2) developing reliable and valid measures for them. The aims are achieved in two steps: An initial, qualitative exploratory study and a quantitative comprehensive model. Results of the initial study enabled differentiating between “self-aggrandizement”, “self enhancement”, “self-expression”, “self-presentation” and “performing ideal self” gratifications. Second study was designed to test these emergent constructs using factor analyses in addition to correlational analyses of gratifications-uses link. Results of the combined validity and reliability analyses provided evidence for hypothesized differentiated model of self-focused gratifications. In addition, individual difference variables included in the study provided partial support as well. Further studies with more diversified and large samples are needed.