Design of hydraulic valveless control actuation system

Karabulut, Mehmet Can
In this thesis study, a pump controlled hydraulic control actuation system is investigated and a system is designed by using the performance criteria of the available conventional valve controlled hydraulic control actuator. A prototype actuator and load system is manufactured and tested. In order to understand dynamic behavior of the system, a simulation is performed in MATLAB Simulink® environment. Sub-systems and components of the system are tested to identify their parameters which are not supplied by manufacturer data sheets as well as friction characteristics of the actuator. By conducting open loop and closed loop step response and closed loop frequency response tests, the dynamic performance of the system is examined. Furthermore, to observe performance of the system under operational conditions, an inertia is attached to the system and tests are repeated under inertial load. Then, with an auxiliary electric motor, an external load scenario is applied and performance of the system is evaluated. Real time tests and data acquisition are carried out by using the LabVIEW® software.
Citation Formats
M. C. Karabulut, “Design of hydraulic valveless control actuation system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.