Dynamic modelling and analysis of gun turret elevation drive system

Çiloğlu, Çağıl
In this thesis, dynamic models for the elevation axis of a gun turret are developed by using MATLAB/Simulink and the multi-body dynamics software MSC-Adams. The developed models include the driveline stiffnesses of individual components as well as the viscous damping of the bearings in the elevation drivetrain. State space representations of gun turret model with different degrees of freedoms are presented and compared. Both time and frequency domain analyses are conducted in order to get a basic idea about the behavior of the system. The theory of gear dynamics is introduced as a first step for integrating the flexibilities of gear pairs into the gun turret model. For this purpose, different gear mesh stiffness and gear mesh damping models available in the literature are investigated. The elastic contact forces in the gear-train are computed by taking into account the gear deformations due to bending, shear, foundation deflection and Hertzian contact of the gear teeth. The existing Hertzian contact models in the literature are compared and differences between them are investigated. With the help of the contact parameters, the gear dynamics model is constructed that takes into account backlash and gear impact. Furthermore, a realistic friction model which takes into account the lubricant characteristics is added to the developed gear dynamics model. The effect of gear dynamics on the overall vi performance characteristics is then investigated in both time and frequency domains. A controller is designed via MATLAB for tracking a reference input speed by using the developed model. All of the analytical formulations that are developed in MATLAB-Simulink, are verified by the multi-body dynamics software MSC-Adams. Finally, dynamic effects of the compliant adjustment type anti-backlash mechanism, which is commonly used in gun turret drives, is investigated by means of the developed multibody dynamics model. Various target tracking scenarios are constructed and different simulations are conducted in MSC-Adams.
Citation Formats
Ç. Çiloğlu, “Dynamic modelling and analysis of gun turret elevation drive system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.