Off-line nominal path generation of 6-dof robotic manipulator for edge finishing and inspection processes

Nemer, Mahmoud
This thesis deals with the development of a Computer Aided Robotic Machining Process Planning package. The main aim of the package is to generate an efficient, collision-free, nominal tool path needed for edge finishing and inspection processes by utilizing a 6-DoF robotic arm. Automation of edge deburring and chamfering consists of two main parts. First part is generating the overall nominal tool path. While the second part focuses on controlling the material removal. The overall nominal tool path planning involves analyzing the geometry of the workpiece, determining and designing an efficient collision-free tool path and generating the tool path data for the robot and finally verifying it. The generated tool path can also be used for different robotic machining processes. One of the most popular PC-based CAD software, SolidWorks, is chosen as the user interface platform. A software package programmed in the application programming interface (API) of SolidWorks generates tool path data for the robot. The ABB IRB2000 robot is chosen for executing the generated tool path. The programming language used for developing this software is Visual Basic. Ultimately, such path is to be utilized as the nominal tool path by any control strategy present in the literature for a complete automatic edge finishing process.