Modular fixture design for CNC machining centers

Kılıçarslan, Yusuf
A new modular fixturing system is developed for CNC machining centers in the content of this thesis study. In the proposed fixture, studies are carried on to manufacture precise parts for finish milling operations. Some workpieces are loaded in the proposed fixturing system by using relevant fixture elements. Forces and moments are investigated that are acting during the machining operation. The precision of the machined surfaces is estimated by using Monte-Carlo Simulation. In the experimental section of the thesis, three target pieces are manufactured in a machining center and inspected with CMM. These inspection results are used to evaluate the performance of the developed fixture system. Repeatability of experimental fixture set up is investigated by performing a repeatability test.
Citation Formats
Y. Kılıçarslan, “Modular fixture design for CNC machining centers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2019.