Integration of dolmuş as a paratransit mode to the existing public transport network: Ankara example

Özbilen, Başar
In recent years, as one of the most important examples of the emerging economies, in Turkey, there has been a significant development in public transport in terms of technology and capacity parallel to economic development. Development of various public transport systems brought along the need for integrated transport systems, i.e. the planning and operation of different transportation modes together to increase the efficiency. Integrated public transport is also a necessity to create an attractive transit alternative, which is competitive to the exponentially increasing private car usage. Any project for an integrated transport system in metropolitan cities of Turkey must recognize the challenges of dolmuş, a paratransit system, without which the creation of a fully integrated system is not possible since it is one of the most important transportation modes, carrying significant shares of passengers in most of the metropolitan cities. However, it is important to provide a better understanding of the role of paratransit mode dolmuş in public transport and accessibility particularly from user’s perspective and to analyze whether the presence of paratransit modes create challenges for public transport service quality by hindering integration in routes, services and fares; and to find out how these affect the accessibility of users. For the evaluation of the paratransit operations, a case specific approach is needed because; each locality has its own tendencies and social dynamics. In order to understand the user perception and to evaluate the user satisfaction about the paratransit mode dolmuş, a survey study, including questions on mode choice and dolmuş, was conducted in METU Campus in November 2014 and May 2015, named as “METU Campus and Transportation Survey”. Within the context of the survey study, 623 users were interviewed and depending on the results, survey data was analyzed with a view to understand the usage of dolmuş, its role in campus accessibility, its relation with other modes, and to formulate proposals for integrating dolmuş into the rest of public transport operation by considering both route and fare integration. The aim of this study was to investigate the perception of users about dolmuş, which embodies a high share of the total public transport services in the case of Ankara and to propose possible scenarios for the future of dolmuş in the transportation network.
Citation Formats
B. Özbilen, “Integration of dolmuş as a paratransit mode to the existing public transport network: Ankara example,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.