Detailed modeling and control of a 2-DOF gimbal system

Poyrazoğlu, Erhan
Gimbal systems are used in various engineering applications such as military systems. Their configurations are designed according to the types of application and desired performance requirements. The essential aim of these systems is to compensate the disturbance effects in order to stabilize LOS and positioning to the desired point. In this thesis, first, a detailed mathematical model of a 2-DOF gimbal system containing some nonlinear dynamic effects such as friction, static and dynamic mass unbalance is obtained by Newton-Euler approach. Next, three different controllers that are cascade proportional-integral (PI), global and local linear quadratic integral (LQI) have been constructed. The mathematical model and the controllers have been implemented in MATLAB and their performances have been investigated. In the final part of this study, in order to visualize and track a target in simulation, a 3-D virtual environment is constructed within MATLAB/Simulink 3-D Toolbox and a simple target tracking algorithm is designed to detect and track targets. All of these operations are simulated on MATLAB/Simulink environment. 
Citation Formats
E. Poyrazoğlu, “Detailed modeling and control of a 2-DOF gimbal system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.