Wind noise prediction of a car model through solutions of navier-stokes and FFOWCS williams & Hawkings equations

Gümüş, Baran
Vehicles are getting quieter by virtue of recent technological improvements, but still wind noise of vehicles is one of the major contributors of total vehicle noise. It must be limited to design quieter vehicles. Compared to aeroacoustic wind tunnel tests, suc-cessful aeroacoustic predictions are cheaper and more practical. Thus, accurate flow simulation and computational aeroacoustics (CAA) methods to predict vehicle aero-dynamic noise are investigated and discussed in this thesis. Moreover, accurate flow simulations are needed for successful aeroacoustic predictions and therefore higher order solution, mesh size limitation, appropriate boundary layer modelling and suitable turbulence modelling are required. Required flow simulation is performed by commer-cial FLUENT software. Subsequently, Ffowcs Williams & Hawkings (FW-H) method is used for far field wind noise calculation due to its robust and fast nature. Hence, aeroacoustic prediction is performed by a FORTRAN code for FW-H solution of far field wind noise. Results are compared to wind tunnel tests for verification. 


Intelligent methods for dynamic analysis and navigation of autonomous land vehicles
Kaygısız, Hüseyin Burak; Erkmen, Aydan Müşerref; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004)
Autonomous land vehicles (ALVs) have received considerable attention after their introduction into military and commercial applications. ALVs still stand as a challenging research topic. One of the main problems arising in ALV operations is the navigation accuracy while the other is the dynamic effects of road irregularities which may prevent the vehicle and its cargo to function properly. In this thesis, we propose intelligent solutions to these two basic problems of ALV. First, an intelligent method is pr...
Comparison of PEM Fuel Cell vs. Lithium-Sulfur Battery Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
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Time domain simulations of radiation from ducted fans with liners
Özyörük, Yusuf; Long, L.N. (2001-01-01)
Over the last few decades, noise related concerns have played a major role in the development of aircraft engines. The previously dominant jet noise mechanisms are now being replaced by tonal and broadband noise from the fan and interactions from the fan wakes and the downstream stator. Alternately, engine inlet and exhaust ducts are being fitted with sophisticated liner materials that aid in damping fan related noise. In this paper, the authors investigate the radiation problem from the engine inlets with ...
Influence of mean flow gradients on fan exhaust noise predictions
Tester, Brian J.; Gabard, Gwénaël; Özyörük, Yusuf (null; 2008-12-01)
Aft fan noise is becoming a more dominant source as engine bypass ratio is increased. In this paper an assessment of the effect of the mean flow gradients on fan exhaust noise propagation is carried out using both analytical models for simplified problems and numerical methods for realistic configurations. Fan exhaust noise can be significantly refracted by the mean flow gradients in the jet mixing layer, especially at high operating conditions (i.e. during take off). The refraction effect is predicted usin...
Performance analysis of a digital communication system on sea platforms
Şenol, Gökberk; Tanık, Yalçın; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
The transmission rate and reliability are the most crucial elements of a communication system on sea platforms. In this thesis, the performance of a high speed and reliable communication system that can be used on ship to ship sea platforms will be evaluated. The two ray channel model is used in order to characterize the channel considering the refraction and reflection. Using the channel model, the path loss and the Shannon channel capacities are obtained for different systems. In order to increase the sys...
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B. Gümüş, “Wind noise prediction of a car model through solutions of navier-stokes and FFOWCS williams & Hawkings equations,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.