Investigation of layered-spaced and oblique mild steel targets against 7.62 mm AP projectile

Çakır, Muhammed
Ballistic resistance of steel targets is important due to its common application to the safety of personnel, shelters for arms and military vehicles. Protective systems should provide a safer condition against possible threats by reducing the weight and the volume they occupy. This causes the total weight of the armor to decrease and increases the mobility of armored vehicle. This study concerns behavior of metallic plates that are spaced and obliquely arranged in order to increase ballistic resistance against projectile penetration. Investigations are made for target configurations having various areal densities. The scope of the work also includes different orientation of single and multiple layered mild steel plates. The main effort is to seek for a better alternative layered-armor structure which provides higher protection by reducing the total weight of armor structure. The impact tests are simulated using ABAQUS/Explicit finite element software. Numerical and experimental studies revealed that it is possible to reduce the armor weight by 48% to defeat 7.62 mm AP projectile utilizing the proper layering. 
Citation Formats
M. Çakır, “Investigation of layered-spaced and oblique mild steel targets against 7.62 mm AP projectile,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.