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Experimental and numerical investigation of ballistic impact behaviour of high strength aluminium plates

Başaran, Güralp
A hybrid solution method was used to examine the ballistic collision situation to be used in armored vehicle design. This hybrid solution method includes an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and a Finite Element (FE) solver. MATLAB was used for ANN model, and LSDYNA® was used as FE solver. For this purpose, first ballistic tests were performed, and projectile residual velocities and depth of penetrations were measured. The FE model was confirmed by ballistic tests. After the FE model validation, FE analyses were performed for different armor thicknesses, and the results were transferred in the ANN model. The ANN model and FE method results were compared for different armor thicknesses, and the ANN model was validated. The validated ANN model was transferred to MATLAB® SIMULINK® and a tool that is capable of predicting the results of ballistic collision in a short time.