Elicitation, prioritisation, observation: a research model to inform the early design phases with child-centred perspectives

Süner, Sedef
As children have become active users of diverse range of products and systems, the study of the experiences of child-users has become a specialised field of research, especially in the field of child-computer interaction. This has led to the recognition of children as a special user group with needs and interests different than that of adults. Incorporating child-driven perspectives into early design space is vital to inform the development of design concepts which can deliver meaningful interactions. However, children still dominantly inform the design process as testers, and the research methods usually follow human-computer interaction tradition with a strong focus on the design process itself, and the role of children in it. The goal of this dissertation is to steer away the focus of inquiry into the methods of the involvement of children in design, towards a comprehensive understanding of product related expectations, priorities and needs of children to inform and enrich the design space with child-driven perspectives in a way that is meaningful and useful for design activities. For this purpose, a review of the literature on the key dimensions of user-product experience, as well as the informational requirements of design have vi informed an evolving methodological exploration of eliciting design-relevant information from child-users in three different field studies. The output of this work is Elicitation, Prioritisation and Observation as a research model which integrates both conceptual and contextual inquiry of the child-user space, and two novel techniques corresponding to these inquiries, respectively Construct Elicitation and Prioritisation, and Shared Discovery.
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S. Süner, “Elicitation, prioritisation, observation: a research model to inform the early design phases with child-centred perspectives,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2018.