Rectangular waveguide mode converters for creating monopulse radiation patterns

Duman, Onurhan
For waveguide structures, there is an alternative way of creating three monopulse radiation patterns by using mode converters and radiating different waveguide modes (not only TE10 mode) for creating different monopulse radiation patterns. In the literature, different radiating modes are offered depending on waveguide shape. For rectangular waveguide, one suggestion is to radiate TE10 mode for the creation of sum channel radiation pattern, to radiate TE20 mode for the creation of azimuth difference radiation pattern and to radiate the combination of TE11 and TM11 modes for the creation of elevation difference radiation pattern. In our work, three different rectangular waveguide mode conversion techniques (discrete stepped mode converter, bend mode converter, corner mode converter) are investigated for converting fundamental TE10 mode to these required modes. For each mode conversion technique, all fundamental mode converters are designed. One of these designed mode converters is manufactured by using 3D printer and it is painted with conductive silver paint to make it conductive. Obtained radiation pattern and S parameter measurement results indicates that design and manufacturing techniques used in this thesis produce good results since these measurement results are in very good agreement with simulation results.
Citation Formats
O. Duman, “Rectangular waveguide mode converters for creating monopulse radiation patterns,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.