Design of a frangible composite cover for missile launch tube

Akkaş, Ozan
In this thesis study, launch tube covers are investigated and a frangible cover is designed by using composite materials. Requirements which are derived from system level requirements are taken into consideration during the design phase. Suitable composite manufacturing method and materials are selected after literature survey. Load levels are determined by using experimental and analytical approaches. Material constants and limits are obtained from literature and coupon tests. Design parameters of the cover are chosen and determined by using finite element analysis. After conducting sizing of the cover by using finite element analysis, detailed design is completed. After that, a mold is produced in order to be used for resin transfer molding and cover prototypes are manufactured. A burst test set-up is designed and covers are tested in order to obtain inner and outer burst pressures. Experimental results are compatible with analytical results. Then the cover is used in firing test and desired results are observed.
Citation Formats
O. Akkaş, “Design of a frangible composite cover for missile launch tube,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.