An experimental investigation on the minimum confinement reinforcement requirement of spiral columns

Baran, Mehmet


An experimental investigation on the part load performance of centrifugal pumps at different specific speeds
Akın, Reha; Eralp, O. Cahit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1994)
An investigation on the performance optimization of an alkaline fuel cell
Ergul, MT; Turker, L; Eroğlu, İnci (1997-10-01)
A fuel cell test module was designed and constructed to determine the performance of an alkaline fuel cell. The sim was to optimize its performance by changing some of its parameters and to integrate it with a hydrogen photobioreactor in future. The fuel cell was a single cell, hydrogen-oxygen, aqueous electrolyte type. The performance characteristics of the cell have been investigated. The electrodes were multilayer Teflon bonded gas diffusion type and were prepared by the rolling method. Active carbon or ...
An analytical study on minimum confinement in spiral columns
Özkaya, Cenan; Özcebe, Güney; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
The minimum spiral ratio equation given in the codes is derived by equating the strength at the second peak to the strength at the first peak for spiral columns tested under uniaxial load. In this study, specimen behavior under combined bending and axial load was taken as basis while deriving proposed equations. Analyses were carried out by using a Moment-Curvature program. For normal strength concrete, one regression and one simplified equation giving minimum spiral ratio are proposed. Difference between t...
An investigation on compatibility properties of exterior finish coats for insulated walls in terms of water vapour pemeability and modulus ofelasticity
Örs, Kerime; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2006)
The compatibility properties of some contemporary finish coats together with their complementary layers used in insulated exterior walls were examined in terms of water vapour permeability and modulus of elasticity. Basic physical and mechanical properties of some synthetic-, cement- and polymer-based external finish coats were analyzed in laboratory. Some additional samples, complementing the wall section, were also examined for their water vapour permeability. Results showed that the finish coats were hig...
An experimental study on channel type shear connectors
Baran, Eray; Topkaya, Cem (2012-07-01)
This paper describes an experimental study on European channel shear connectors. While shear studs are widely used in steel-concrete composite elements, the channel connectors are also gaining popularity due to their certain advantages. The channel connectors do not require special equipment and standard welding procedures are adequate for attachment purposes. In addition, this type of connector offers higher amounts of shear resistance due to its high contact area with surrounding concrete. Although first ...
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M. Baran, “An experimental investigation on the minimum confinement reinforcement requirement of spiral columns,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.