Advanced conjugated systems towards realization of stable n-type materials and high-performance electrochromic polymers

Ghasemi Ahangaran Farahani, Kianoush
Electrochromic materials attracted tremendous amount of interest both in academia and industry in recent decades. These materials owe their popularity to their fascinating fundamental spectroelectrochemical properties and their potential commercial applications. On the spectrum of electrochromic materials, electrochromic polymers drawn the attention of the scientific community due to properties such as high flexibility, low-power consumption, ease of processing and low processing cost. Polymers which represent one of the three complementary colors (red, green, and blue) in their reduced state and high transmissivity in oxidized state are fundamental for electrochromic devices and displays. With this regard and following previous works of our group in designing green to transmissive polymers utilizing EDOT as the donor unit, we aimed to create better performance green materials using ProDOT instead of EDOT. ProDOT containing conjugated systems are expected to outperform their EDOT analogues considering the fact that ProDOT homopolymers outperforms EDOT containing donor-acceptor type polymers. Hence, we introduced ProDOT units to benzooxadiazole and quinoxaline for reaching the required donor-acceptor match towards realization of a green to transmissive polymer with superior properties. Besides, despite the fact that stable n-dopable conjugated polymers are infrequent, they have a broad potential of application in organic electrochemical transistors and OFETs. The stable n-type materials can be used for realization of complex organic electronic devices with p-i-n type junctions. On this path, perylene diimide (PDI) and its derivatives represent one of the most promising classes of electron acceptors because of their outstanding chemical and physical properties, including high electron mobility, strong intermolecular π-π interactions, and high absorption coefficients. In this study, we coupled PDI with electron-rich EDOT units to realize easily n-dopable conjugated polymer systems that can be prepared by electrochemical polymerization techniques.


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K. Ghasemi Ahangaran Farahani, “Advanced conjugated systems towards realization of stable n-type materials and high-performance electrochromic polymers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.