Development of the algorithm of SOlAR TURnKEY: solar electricity software for Turkey

Karaveli, Abdullah Buğrahan
Together with the increase in population, consumption, environmental threats, social inclusion and poverty eradication needs, natural resource corruption and price, rapid electrification of the world necessitates to meet energy demand in the most efficient, economic, environmental and social way. At this point with the sharp decrease in prices, increase in efficiency and development in technology in addition to environmental friendliness and social inclusiveness, solar electricity has gained importance when compared to alternatives. On the other hand, today’s highly advanced cyber technology enables the best, the most feasible and the highest efficient design ways to make for the investments owing to robust algorithm and infrastructure. As being solar belt country and having increase in population and consumption, Turkey has better to have solar electricity on the top of the agenda. However, there is a lack of experience, knowledge and technological sovereignty on the subject. This study by forming the infrastructure of a software program serving for making technical and economic feasibility analysis and preparing dynamic application projects for solar electricity fill the mentioned gaps on the sector. As the outcome of the study, an algorithm for the software program namely SOlAR TURnKEY has been formed. This algorithm is able to calculate total solar irradiation to be exposed, optimum design parameters, total electricity production, CO2 emission reduction potential, total cost, payback time, total revenue, profit and other economic parameters of the project organized to be applied just with two inputs, which are latitude of the location and size of the power plant.
Citation Formats
A. B. Karaveli, “Development of the algorithm of SOlAR TURnKEY: solar electricity software for Turkey,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2018.