Actuator load calculation tool for a multiaxial test system of a rotating beam like aerostructure

Limon, Afif Umur
Design and analysis of new helicopter blades need to be verified by testing under combined multiaxial loading including centrifugal force, chord bending, beam bending and torsion loadings. In this thesis, an actuator load calculation tool for a rotating beam like aerospace structure structural test system is developed and is verified by multiaxial testing of a dummy component. The actuator load calculation tool development consists of an analysis and testing part. A dummy structural component is designed and analyzed with a commercial FEM software. A dynamic analysis model of the helicopter blade structural test system is conducted using a commercial multibody dynamic simulation software. The model is used to find the strain data on the dummy component using the modules of multibody dynamic simulation software. Calibration dynamic analysis model is created for the calculation of calibration coefficients for the dummy component. By using calibration coefficients and strain data found from dynamic analysis model of the test setup, section loads on the dummy component are calculated. For the testing part, a dummy component is manufactured, and is wired with strain gages, after which calibration and crosstalk compensation operations are accomplished, and the section loads on the dummy component are measured from the multiaxial test. Using measurements of six strain bridges, chord bending, beam bending, torque, and centrifugal force, on two different sections are calculated. The developed methodology is validated by executing a multiaxial test on the dummy component with a combined loading of chord bending, beam bending, torsion, and centrifugal force loading, resulting in an average absolute percentage error rate of 4.92% between the testing and estimated section loads. The tool developed in this thesis can be used for the calculation of actuator loads in the multiaxial loading test of real helicopter blades by importing the finite element model and the composite material properties of the actual helicopter blade.
Citation Formats
A. U. Limon, “Actuator load calculation tool for a multiaxial test system of a rotating beam like aerostructure,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.