Principles for conservation of an industrial heritage place: Ankara Sugar Factory campus in Etimesgut

Öztürk, Merve
The industrial areas established by the state in early years of Republican Period were founded not only to provide economic and industrial development, but also to direct social transformation aiming to create a modern Turkey. Therefore, industrial areas reflect the economic social and spatial context of the time they were established, and the culture of production. It is necessary to determine and assess the values of these areas so as to define why and how to conserve and transfer them to future generations. After the proclamation of the Republic, the first Sugar Factory was opened in Uşak in 1926, the foundations of Turkey Sugar Factories Inc. were laid as one of the first industrial company of Turkey. Since then, the Sugar Factories have spread across the country to form an industry network. The Company, which still continues its working life, has started to lose its social and cultural role and mission in time. With the adoption of privatization in 2000, organizational deformations also started to occur. Founded in 1962 within the Turkey Sugar Factory network, the Ankara Sugar Factory served as the showcase for the Company in the capital city. There are both production and research and development and social areas in the campus. The production areas represent the modern face of the country, research and development areas represent the power in economy, education and technology, while the social areas indicate the mission of modern country and modern society. However, direct and tangible reflections of the changing economic, agricultural and industrial policies of the country can be seen in Ankara Sugar Factory. This thesis searches, documents, analyses and assesses the Ankara Sugar Factory in different scales ranging from network, campus to building scales; and in relation to different contexts including organizational and administrative, functional, physical and social contexts. This multi-scale and multiple context analysis and assessment leads to the determination of values and problems. The thesis concludes with principles and strategies for conservation and management of Ankara Sugar Factory as a representative and integral component of Turkey Sugar Factories network.
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M. Öztürk, “Principles for conservation of an industrial heritage place: Ankara Sugar Factory campus in Etimesgut,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2019.