Relationships of safety climate and organizational citizenship behaviors in aerospace industry in Turkey

Kılıçaslan, Mahmure Dilayla
The aim of the current study is represented in three main aspects. Firstly, it is aimed to check the fit of "the risk perception model" developed by Deery (1999) among young male non-professional and taxi driver samples. Secondly, it is aimed to analyze the effect of driving as a profession on risk perception and risk-taking behaviors of drivers. Thirdly, it is aimed to facilitate driving simulation in order to measure driver behaviors by comparing the results with self-reported driver behaviors. 40 young male taxi drivers and 40 young male non-professional drivers, aged between 18-25 years old, participated in the study. In this purpose, Vision Test regarding Traffic (TIGT); Turkish versions of Risk Perception Inventory (Rosenbloom, Shahar, Elharar, & Danino, 2008), Arnett’s Inventory of Sensation Seeking (Arnett, 1994), Driver Skill Inventory (Lajunen & Summala, 1995) and Driver Behavior Questionnaire with positive driver behaviors (Özkan, & Lajunen, 2005) were used to measure participants’ hazard perceptions, risk perceptions, selfassessed driving skills, risk acceptance levels and self-reported driving behaviors, respectively. Additionally, the driving simulator was included in the study to measure participants’ simulated driving behaviors. Results revealed that young male taxi drivers and non-professional drivers significantly differed in novel sensations and average speeds in the driving simulator. Moreover, hierarchical regression analyses revealed that both self-reported and simulated driving behaviors were predicted by participants’ risk perceptions, self-assessed driving skills and sensation seeking attitudes. Finally, self-reported driving behaviors were found to predict both speeding behaviors and driver mistakes of both driver groups.  
Citation Formats
M. D. Kılıçaslan, “Relationships of safety climate and organizational citizenship behaviors in aerospace industry in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2019.