Mass spectral analysis of poly(3-aminocrotonamide) obtained by radiation induced solid state polymerization

Melad, Omar
Usanmaz, Ali
Hacaloğlu, Jale
Polymerization of 3-aminocrotonamide has not been reported before. It was polymerized by radiation in the solid-state to obtain a crystalline polymer which has a similar crystal structure to that of the monomer. In this work the structure and mode of monomer addition in the polymer chain were investigated by mass spectroscopy. The data indicated that the addition of monomer molecules takes place by a condensation process with evolution of 2n - 1 NH3 molecules for each 2n monomer molecules. The highest yield of thermal degradation products was obtained at 246° during the direct pyrolysis of the polymer.
European Polymer Journal


SOUSY, K; USANMAZ, A; Önal, Ahmet Muhtar (Elsevier BV, 1990-08-01)
Radiation-induced and electroinitiated polymerization of allylbenzene has been investigated. Radiation-induced polymerization at room temperature was found to give mainly dimers and trimers with a maximum yield of 5%. Electroinitiated polymerization of the monomer yielded insoluble polymer films on the surface of the anode together with low molecular weight polymers in the bulk solution. The effects of temperature and monomer concentration on the rate of electroinitiated polymerization were also studied. Th...
Thermal degradation characteristics of polysulfones with benzoxazine end groups
Orhan, Tugba; Ates, Sahin; Hacaloğlu, Jale; Yagci, Yusuf (2012-01-01)
Thermal degradation behaviors of phenol and benzoxazine end-capped polysulfone macromonomers (PSU-OH and PSU-P-a) and pre-cured PSU-P-a in the absence and presence of aniline and phenol based benzoxazine monomer (P-a) were investigated via pyrolysis mass spectrometry. A significant increase in thermal stability of both polysulfone and polybenzoxazine chains upon polymerization of benzoxazine end groups was determined compared to phenol-ended polysulfones and aniline based monofunctional polybenzoxazine. The...
HACIOGLU, B; Akbulut, Ural; Toppare, Levent Kamil (Wiley, 1989-10-01)
Electroinitiated polymerization of acrylamide was carried out in acetonitrile–tetrabutylammonium fluoroborate by electrolytic reduction of monomer. It was shown by cyclic voltammetry that direct electron transfer from the cathode to the monomer can be achieved in this solvent–electrolyte system. Reduction peak potentials measured by cyclic voltammetry indicated that sodium salts will interfere with such a mechanism. Since the reduction peak potential of sodium salt and dimethylformamide are found to be lowe...
Thermal degradation of polystyrene composites. Part II. The effect of nanoclay
KAYA, Hatice; Kaynak, Cevdet; Hacaloğlu, Jale (2016-07-01)
In this work, thermal degradation behavior polystyrene/organoclay nanocomposites containing tribromophenol end-capped brominated epoxy oligomer, (BE) with or without Sb2O3 were investigated systematically via direct pyrolysis mass spectrometry. Incorporation of organically modified montmorillonite into polystyrene, (PS) matrix not only increased thermal stability but also the probability of radical recombination, disproportionation and carbonization reactions causing increase in the char yield. Exfoliation ...
Polymerization of 1,2-epoxy-4-epoxyethylcyclohexane
Usanmaz, Ali; Asaid, Adel (Wiley, 1986-12)
Radiation‐induced polymerization of 1,2‐epoxy‐4‐epoxyethylcyclohexane (EECH) has been carried out at different temperatures in solid and liquid states. Activation energy was calculated from Arrhenius plot and ionic mechanism was proposed. Molecular weights for some polymer samples were determined by cryscopic method and compared with their intrinsic viscosities. Cationic polymerization of EECH initiated by BF3 · O(C2H5)2 and anionic polymerization initiated by NaOH are also studied. Two epoxy rings can be o...
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O. Melad, A. Usanmaz, and J. Hacaloğlu, “Mass spectral analysis of poly(3-aminocrotonamide) obtained by radiation induced solid state polymerization,” European Polymer Journal, pp. 693–699, 1994, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: