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Graduate School of Marine Sciences
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Comparison of Diffusive and Total Nutrient Fluxes from the Sediment of Mersin Bay, Northeastern Mediterranean Sea
Akçay, İsmail (2023-04-01)
In this study, sediment diffusive and total nutrient fluxes were calculated for the Mersin Bay, Northeastern (NE) Mediterranean Sea. Positive fluxes of nutrients from the sediments indicated that sediment acts as a source ...
Distinct patterns of sedimentary phosphorus fractionation and mobilization in the seafloor of the Black Sea, Marmara Sea and Mediterranean Sea
Akçay, İsmail; Yücel, Mustafa (2023-03-10)
Phosphorus (P) is a key element to all life that is used for structural and functional component of all organisms. The cycling of sedimentary P may differ depending on the redox-conditions of the overlying waters affecting...
Effects of river inputs on particulate organic matter composition and distributions in surface waters and sediments of the Mersin Bay, Northeastern Mediterranean Sea
Akçay, İsmail; Tuğrul, Süleyman; Özhan, Koray (2022-05-01)
Terrestrial inputs-induced eutrophication in the P-depleted Northeastern (NE) Mediterranean shelf waters has led to changes in particulate organic matter (POM) composition and distributions in the water column and surface ...
Türkiye Derin Denizlerinde Anaerobik ve Kemosentetik Ekosistemler
Yücel, Mustafa; Akçay, İsmail; Ermiş, Esra; Esti, Mertcan; Tanık, Gamze (Türk Deniz Araştırmaları Vakfı (TÜDAV), 2021-11-01)
Akçay, İsmail; Yücel, Mustafa (2021-04-01)
Abstract The Coastal ecosystem of the Northeastern (NE) Mediterranean has been affected by nutrient inputs originated from regional rivers and wastewater discharges leading to development of eutrophication. Atmospher...
Marmara Denizi’nin Geçirdiği Biyojeokimyasal Değişimler Bağlamında 2021 Müsilaj Patlaması, Güncel Baskılar ve Çözüm Önerileri
Mantıkçı, Mustafa; Yücel, Mustafa; Özkan, Korhan; Fach Salihoğlu, Bettina Andrea; Örek, Hasan; ARKIN, ŞADİ SİNAN; TUĞRUL, SÜLEYMAN; Tezcan, Devrim; SALİHOĞLU, BARIŞ; Akçay, İsmail; Özhan, Koray (TÜBA, 2021-01-01)
Deoxygenation and coastal eutrophication drive distinct benthic nutrient dynamics in the hypoxic Marmara Sea and oxic northeastern Mediterranean Sea
Akçay, İsmail; Yücel, Mustafa (null; 2019-08-23)
Assessment of trophic status of the northeastern Mediterranean coastal waters: eutrophication classification tools revisited
Tuğrul, Süleyman; Özhan, Koray; Akçay, İsmail (2019-05-01)
The Eastern Mediterranean and its Cilician Basin offshore waters have oligotrophic features with low nutrient concentrations, low primary production, and high water transparency. However, the wide shelf area of the Cilicia...
Biochemical Quality Elements for the Assessment of Eutrophication in Mersin Iskenderun Bays (Northeastern Mediterranean)
Akçay, İsmail; Uysal, Zahit (null; 2018-10-21)
Riverine nutrient inputs to the Mersin Bay, northeastern Mediterranean
Akçay, İsmail (2018-10-21)
In this study, biochemical (nutrients, total phosphorus (TP), biological oxygen demand) parameters were determined seasonally at downstream points of the five regional rivers (major/small ones: Ceyhan, Seyhan, Goksu, Berda...
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