Mustafa Koçak

Graduate School of Marine Sciences
Optical and microphysical properties of the columnar Aerosol burden over the Eastern Mediterranean: Discrimination of Aerosol types
Tutsak, Ersin; Koçak, Mustafa (2020-05-15)
Optical and microphysical properties, for example, refractive index, single scattering albedo (SSA) and asymmetry factor were attained from AERONET ground based sun sky radiometer situated at rural coastal Erdemli in the E...
A new exposure route to trace elements in indoor particulate matter.
Broomandi, P; Amouei, Torkmahalleh; Akturk, M; Ngagine, Sh; Gorjinezhad, S; Ozturk, F; Koçak, Mustafa; Kim, J (2019-12-30)
Concentrations and emission rates of sixteen trace elements in emitted PM during heating soybean oil using three types of pans, including Teflon, granitium, and cast-iron, were investigated. Statistically significant decre...
High time-resolved measurements of water-soluble sulfate, nitrate and ammonium in PM2.5 and their precursor gases over the Eastern Mediterranean
Tutsak, Ersin; Koçak, Mustafa (2019-07-01)
High time-resolved measurements of aerosol SO42-, NO3-, NH4+ and their precursor gases HNO3, SO2, NH3 between 27 and 02 January/February and 19-01 August/September 2015 were carried out by applying AIM-IC at a rural site l...
Long-term measurements of aerosol optical and physical properties over the Eastern Mediterranean: Hygroscopic nature and source regions
Tutsak, Ersin; Koçak, Mustafa (2019-06-15)
Long-term aerosol optical and physical properties such as aerosol optical thickness and angstrom exponent were obtained from AERONET ground based sun sky radiometer located at the rural coastal Erdemli (36.6 degrees N, 34....
Atmospheric water-soluble organic nitrogen (WSON) in the eastern Mediterranean: origin and ramifications regarding marine productivity
Nehir, Munevver; Koçak, Mustafa (2018-03-13)
Aerosol and rain sampling in two size fractions was carried out at a rural site located on the coast of the eastern Mediterranean, Erdemli, Turkey (36 degrees 33'54 '' N, 34 degrees 15'18 '' E). A total of 674 aerosol samp...
Atmospheric Water-Soluble Organic Nitrogen (Wson) in The Eastern Mediterranean: Origin And Implications Considering Marine Productivity
Koçak, Mustafa (2017-11-15)
A total of 74 aerosol and 23 rain samples were collected at a rural site located on the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean, Erdemli, Turkey (3 33ʹ 4ʺ N and 34 1 ʹ 18ʺ E). Concentrations of NO3-, NH4+ and water-soluble to...
Atmospheric Deposition of Macronutrients (Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen and Phosphorous) onto the Black Sea and Implications on Marine Productivity*
Koçak, Mustafa; Mihalopoulos, N.; Tutsak, E.; Violaki, K.; Theodosi, C.; Zarmpas, P.; Kalegeri, P. (2016-04-01)
Two-sized aerosol samples were obtained from a rural site located close to Sinop on the south coastline of the Black Sea. In addition, bulk deposition samples were collected at Varna, located on the west coastline of the B...
PM10 and PM2.5 composition over the Central Black Sea: origin and seasonal variability
Koçak, Mustafa; Mihalopoulos, N.; Tutsak, E.; Theodosi, C.; Zarmpas, P.; Kalegeri, P. (2015-11-01)
Daily PM10 and PM2.5 samples were collected between April 2009 and July 2010 at a rural site (Sinop) situated on the coast of the Central Black Sea. The concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 were 23.2 +/- 16.7 and 9.8 +/- 6.9 m...
Solubility of Atmospheric Nutrients over the Eastern Mediterranean: Comparison between Pure-Water and Sea-Water, Implications Regarding Marine Production
Koçak, Mustafa (2015-03-01)
Aerosol filter samples were selected from sample library of Erdemli site; located on the coastline of the Eastern Mediterranean, in order to carry out solubility experiments. The nutrient (PO43-, Si-diss, NO3- and NH4+) so...
Influence of mineral dust transport on the chemical composition and physical properties of the Eastern Mediterranean aerosol
Koçak, Mustafa; Theodosi, C.; Zarmpas, P.; Seguret, M. J. M.; Herut, B.; Kallos, G.; Mihalopoulos, N.; Kubilay, N.; Nimmo, M. (2012-09-01)
Bulk aerosol samples were collected from three different coastal rural sites located around the Eastern Mediterranean, (i) Erdemli (ER), Turkey, (ii) Heraklion (HR), Crete, Greece, and (iii) Tel Shikmona (TS), Israel, duri...
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