Origins of Life Research: a Bibliometric Approach

This study explores the collaborative nature and interdisciplinarity of the origin(s) of life (OoL) research community. Although OoL research is one of the oldest topics in philosophy, religion, and science; to date there has been no review of the field utilizing bibliometric measures. A dataset of 5647 publications that are tagged as OoL, astrobiology, exobiology, and prebiotic chemistry is analyzed. The most prolific authors (Raulin, Ehrenfreund, McKay, Cleaves, Cockell, Lazcano, etc.), most cited scholars and their articles (Miller 1953, Gilbert 1986, Chyba & Sagan 1992, WEchtershEuser 1988, etc.), and popular journals (Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres and Astrobiology) for OoL research are identified. Moreover, interdisciplinary research conducted through research networks, institutions (NASA, Caltech, University of Arizona, University of Washington, CNRS, etc.), and keywords & concepts (astrobiology, life, Mars, amino acid, prebiotic chemistry, evolution, RNA) are explored.


Hidden Concepts in the History and Philosophy of Origins-of-Life Studies: a Workshop Report
Mariscal, Carlos; et. al. (2019-09-01)
In this review, we describe some of the central philosophical issues facing origins-of-life research and provide a targeted history of the developments that have led to the multidisciplinary field of origins-of-life studies. We outline these issues and developments to guide researchers and students from all fields. With respect to philosophy, we provide brief summaries of debates with respect to (1) definitions (or theories) of life, what life is and how research should be conducted in the absence of an acc...
Psychology of uncertainty: the roots of uncertainty reduction
Küçükkömürler, Sane; Özkan, Türker; Department of Psychology (2019)
The widespread effect of uncertainty led researchers in psychology literature to examine this concept. Different conceptualizations and different theories pointed to specific properties of psychological processes under uncertainty. In this thesis, a new comprehensive model was proposed. According to the model, perceived uncertainty creates a discomfort and level of the discomfort determines responses toward uncertainty. It was expected to find generalization responses under low discomfort and high discomfor...
Reconstruction of collective memory through spatial representations of İzmir waterfront, since the 1920s
Yüksel, Pınar; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2015)
This study explores the spatial transformation of Kordonboyu and its representations under the theoretical framework of collective memory. Memory as a dynamic and evolving phenomenon with regard to the associated social frameworks of an everchanging present is a collective entity. Urban space that is under continuous transformation within political, economic, and social discourses constitutes the material background of these social frameworks. This research examines the construction and maintenance of colle...
The metaphorical (re)construction of Turkey in political discourse: a corpus-driven critical metaphor analysis
Efeoğlu, Esranur; Işık Güler, Hale; Department of English Language Teaching (2015)
This study investigates and describes the conceptual (re)construction of Turkey as a sociopolitical structure in domestic and international political discourse. The study identifies the source domains and concepts mapping into the target domain of Turkey, as well as the manifestations of related conceptual metaphors. A corpus-driven Critical Metaphor Analysis is carried out on the corpus of Political Discourse (POLDIS) which consists of articles from Turkish, British and American newspapers in a designated ...
Active Flutter Control of a Smart Fin
Fatih Mutlu, Karadal; Volkan, Nalbantoğlu; Şahin, Melin; Güçlü, Seber; Ömer Faruk, Kırcalı; Yaman, Yavuz (null; 2008-10-06)
This study presents the theoretical analysis of an active flutter suppression methodology applied on a smart fin. The smart fin consisted of a cantilever aluminum plate-like structure with surface bonded piezoelectric (PZT, Lead- Zirconate-Titanate) patches. The robust controllers were designed via H∞ synthesis by considering both SISO (Single-Input, Single-Output) and MIMO Multi-Input, Multi-Output) aeroelastic system models. The developed controllers performed well around the flutter point and also stabil...
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